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WordPower was a step towards an agency approach to collection and delivery, to clients, of focused ‘share-friendly’ content, primarily news in their industry space.

What I’ve found too often to be the case is that, with the advent of automated online services around a usually-very-thin layer of research, organisations and individuals cheerfully produce news updates, newsletters, blog content and bot-based material that has no effective curation.

The result?  The reader receives the kitchen sink, rather than ‘clean’ specific-to-audience content.

A useful illustration for the nuisance-value that non-curation adds is to look at – in Australia – the startup concept: in Australia, startup as a word is used to refer to the no-cash tech- and web- and mobile- startup scene, and the multi-million dollar mining, gas and energy field.

WordPower was a test-run around content services, and provided the first run at the summary approach I’ve since taken more seriously with Startup News Asia.

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