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SkillSelection was a short-lived experiment in producing quality content for a specific niche, namely job seekers with an interest in the Australia work market.

In the first instance, SkillSelection aimed to generate income via Google Ads for the simple primary layer of operating costs – domain, hosting, per-day earnings – with one eye on traffic over time as a means of gauging viability of ongoing ad-based income.

Producing regular, categorised content for SkillSelection obviously aided ranking and visibility online, but also proved that the size of content required for each item to maintain both quality and relevance required an investment of time that wasn’t justified by return.

In the simplest terms, now, SkillSelection stands as an example of a short-run, focused project, showcasing my writing and editing output, alongside the branding component of the project.

For more information about the SkillSelection project, contact me.

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