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radelaide magazine was a project I built after departing a particular phase of employment, specifically a role which had been presented as partially creative but which proved quickly to be devoid of that element.

To revisit, and assess whether I still felt a creative urge, I set the radelaide magazine project as a time-constrained item, around the broad idea of finding and promoting local content and individuals that might not otherwise gain coverage.

The result was a 42-page full-colour, professionally glue-bound magazine, available to read:

I produced every component part of this; from size and layout, through photography and visual design, to tech elements such as QR codes leading readers to further information (which also fed into my more recent activities with That List and, even more recently, Startup News Asia).

Interviews featured in the magazine were generated via social media and, in fact, I didn’t meet the majority of interviewees in the flesh; they responded by email and I edited from there.

Whilst not intended to be an ongoing, revenue-generating project, it did provide an insight into the severe limitations around starting any activity with advertising as a revenue base.

For more information about radelaide magazine, contact me.

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