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I exhibited in South Australia’s Shimmer Biennale in 2014.

I also produce photobooks from time to time, in spare moments:

George Town, Penang – hard copy and ebook


Adelaide Skylines – hard copy and ebook


And, of course, there’s Instagram:

George Town in Penang, Malaysia is a World Heritage-listed city, and features an astonishing array of architectural styles, cultural influences and characters.  I lived here for 12 months, 2015-2016

Adelaide, in South Australia, is a beautiful city with a small, but visually rich, CBD area.  I lived here for 3 years, from early 2012 to late 2014.

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, whilst not the capital of Vietnam, has some remarkable slices of architecture, most notably the ‘skinny building’.  Having lived here only 11 or so weeks, I unfortunately didn’t see much of the outlying areas, or the countryside.

I also have my own Instagram account, wadekwright, as a more reflective catch-all for images and moments from the fuller span of my life.  The other accounts, above, tended to be approached more as standalone ‘projects’.

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