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skwrt is a project that I look at in spare moments and, whilst those have been rare recently, I do aim to build this.

Broadly, skwrt is about Bluetooth beacons and local events, be they within an area of a town – a day-long festival, for instance – or within a single venue, such as a nightclub.

There are many platforms and brands already in the space, of course, but what I’ve noticed in this is essentially an industry-level ‘feature creep’ which pushes the cost to participate up, and which populates these services with components that the people implementing them in my focus areas – city bodies, council staff etc – don’t particularly want, or need.

Counter-intuitive as it may sound, may aim is to build skwrt and maintain it at the MVP level; minus frills, lightweight and focused on achievement of customer goals.

For more information about skwrt, contact me.

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