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The aim is to develop:

An online platform allowing users to create ready-to-print files connecting readers from offline print to online content using QR codes, with advertising via AdWords-style integration.


To allow a creator of any size or type with online content to create monetizable ready-to-print items for distribution.

Think of it like this: your last dozen poems; your organisation’s most recent opinion pieces; your church newsletter; your festival’s merchandise list; your city’s monthly events calendar; your last 6 published articles etc.

Content is deliberately kept brief (see the POC downloads, below) which heads off suggestions of misappropriation, whilst linking to online content means already-in-place online advertising is unaffected at the same time as adding in-print advertising and in-print exposure for the user.

Downloads & Explainer

These provide at-a-glance info, along with proofs-of-concept that have been produced; I’ve found that it makes explaining the idea much easier with a POC in your hand.

Note: Each of these, below, is set for A3 size, not A4.  Produced manually, I’d aimed for an end result that folded to business card size for portability, but with sufficient printable space.  It also makes for a good visual point of difference.

  1. News focus / journalism focus (Startup News Asia)
  2. Merchandise focus (KD Shirts)
  3. Events focus (Enterprize Coworking)

wade wright: online publishing concept

There’s also a 1-page explainer covering the broad brush strokes of the idea:

More information

Contact me for more information at wadekw at gmail dot com or by using the contact page.

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