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Over time, I’ve spread out across a number of online projects, each of which tended to be self-contained within its own website.

This wasn’t an easy situation to keep on top of, particularly with the last few years being fairly unsettled in terms of location.

Some concepts have, with time, simply become less important to me, or have been superseded by changed thinking – but without necessarily a great desire on my part to fully decommission them.

Pulling these projects under one domain has been on the cards for a while, but hasn’t eventuated because of demands on my time.

At the time of writing this – May 2016 – this will be the primary home of my various projects, or at least those projects I choose to speak about.

Like it says on the tin: projects that I’m working on in some way.

Projects that require little, if any, attention but remain active.

Those projects that either didn’t work out, or which I’m reluctant to put more time into.

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