These projects are now retired, or on hold indefinitely.

Whilst some – like Cards For Community, perhaps – may have potential, I can’t say when I would consider putting time into developing them.

Cards For Community

A concept around connecting artists with charities, producing postcard sets for sale as fundraising items.

Public voting on artworks, corporate sponsorship to offset production costs and multiple media opportunities – on launch, on artist voting results and selection, and on final donation presentation – are features of the Cards For Community concept, alongside possibilities for participating artists to receive interviews and other coverage.

More about Cards For Community


SkillSelection was a site aimed at individuals seeking employment in Australia, providing:

  • A to Z sample resumés, specific to particular job titles;
  • tips and recommendations around writing covering letters for job applications; and
  • tips and recommendations around content for resumés.

In part, this was a foray into Google Ads as a learning project, and in part SkillSelection was a method to gauge the time demands of producing templated content on a regular basis.

More about SkillSelection

Until the domain expires, you can also get more information on the SkillSelection website


Wordpower was an exploration of viability for an agency providing specific news-and-research services to client companies, delivering timely knowledge and ready-to-send content for use in email newsletters and stakeholder updates.

More about Wordpower news news was an early experiment in gathering and delivering timely, location-specific news, in this case daily reporting in and around Adelaide in South Australia.

Developing an audience of over 5,000 and a body of work of more than 10,000 posts, this also prompted my first thoughts around what would later become That List.

radelaide social media news on Twitter on Facebook

Until I let the domain lapse, you can get broad
information on the website. magazine magazine was a self-produced project of 42 full-colour, glue-bound pages, delivered:

Content was gathered via email, through contacts pulled from social media, focusing on Adelaide-based projects, people and events that might otherwise have struggled to gain exposure.

Until the domain expires, you can also get more information on the website.

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