The projects below are those which require very little – or no – work to maintain, or are those projects that I do aim to return to, but have yet to set as a priority.


The main reason skwrt isn’t a priority project is simply that I don’t *yet* possess the technical knowledge around bluetooth beacons and the LoRaWan network used in smart city projects. logoWhilst I’ve retired the website, it remains a project that I feel has merit.  I may pursue the MVP using UpWork or similar, but that still demands a commitment of time to spec, and manage, regardless of that first step having a relatively small footprint in terms of time to produce.

The following page provides a quick introduction to skwrt.  Broadly, it revolves around a simple, timely method for letting people know about local events.

2017 update: The perhaps more interesting use for this concept is in the area of news delivery, a project I’m provisionally calling NewsTooth.  This was one of two concepts I had accepted for long-listing under the 2017 Walkley Media Innovation and Incubation Fund.

KD Shirts

KD Shirts is a plain-and-simple clothing design store delivered using Zazzle’s print-on-demand system.

KD Shirts logoAt over 1000 designs, each available on more than 10 different products, this has been no mean feat to produce, regardless of the fact that it’s been spread over my spare time.

The design component was deliberately minimised, aiming for simplicity and text- and slogan-based designs, in pursuit of simple 80/20 numbers (although, in the POD space, this number really is more like 99/1).

As a quick preview, take a look at KD Shirts on Instagram.

More about KD Shirts, including previews and links, is here.

Or you can visit the KD Shirts online store directly.

Similar to KD Shirts

Over time, I’ve produced a ludicrous amount of design content for use on all sorts of products in print-on-demand systems.

The primary aim with these, fairly obviously, is to generate a body of work that delivers an amount of passive income.

radelaide logoDesigns for this were produced in relatively small numbers as a sideline to the main news and magazine experiments, whilst living in South Australia.

Out of these, the item I’m particularly pleased with is flip-flops; to my eye, the designs worked well on them.

Custom thongs

A step on from the two shops listed below, with slightly higher design-values, and a different focus.

we don;t trust you logoWhilst it’s worth mentioning that overall design value lifted over time, the market I aimed at with wdty wasn’t high-paying and therefore demanding of sophistication; these were intended to be shirts that don’t cost much, and which therefore didn’t demand serious time to produce.  They were also quite obviously aimed at wearers with a particular attitude.

These were produced at the very earliest stage in my experiments with print-on-demand systems, and that should be noted when you see the low design value in some of the items.

The designs are also all to do with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and full-contact fighting, so you’ll have to forgive some of the attitude.

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